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Welcome to Fragmentinvest

Investing in Telegram numbers and tags is our specialty (

50% to 200% monthly profit

1.6% to 6.6% Daily profit

Investing doesn't have to be complicated, at Fragmentinvest you just sit back and watch your wealth grow without any effort on your part. Our expert team of traders do the work, while you enjoy the profits. Simply start your investment and leave the rest to us. No prior knowledge or skills required



Our team has been buying and selling with Fragment for more than 6 months. This market has a very high potential for earning and profit. Numbers and tags are rare and limited. Our goal in creating this piecemeal financial network is to increase the of financial power and buy more numbers and tags. so that we can have exclusive control over their prices. Your capital is preserved in the purchase of tags and numbers.
For example, the number we bought 4,000 ton is now priced at 12,000 ton.
But at the moment we do not intend to sell our assets and we are only thinking of adding to the collection, and the Telegram network is a powerful platform and investing in it will be safe and profitable. Telegram, like other social networks, has a brighter future. More than 200 special and exclusive numbers and tags, every purchase and sale by us has up to 500% profit for us and we share this profit with you.
The share value of Fragment Invest Company will increase soon and we will all be partners in this capital increase

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